Bitch Spay

Neutering female dogs prevents issues such as false pregnancies, infected wombs, seasons and has been shown to decrease the chances of mammary tumours. Neutering females has been associated with increased chances of early-onset urinary incontinence in females, however, this has been shown to be linked to the breed, size and age of neutering. 
This practice advocates neutering at 3 to 4 months after a season, this is when the womb is most inactive and therefore decreasing risks associated with the procedure. The age in which we neuter will depend on the breed and size of your dog to ensure complications are kept minimal. 


Dog Castration

Neutering male dogs aids in the prevention of testicular and prostatic complications as well as a reduction in behaviours percieved as problematic by humans such as; mounting, roaming and urine marking. New studies suggest that the age of neutering male dogs is determined by breed and size. Smaller breeds can be neutered from a much younger age (no earlier than 6 months), whereas larger breeds should wait until much later (12 - 24 months). This is due to skeletal development. Neutering early has been linked to some bone diseases. Therefore a personalised plan in regards to neutering should be discussed with your Vet. 


Cat Neutering

Early neutering is the norm in both male and female and can be safely done from 4 months of age and at least 2kg bodyweight. Most felines have grown to a robust and healthy size to undergo the anaesthesia by 5-6 months of age.


Rabbit Neutering

Neutering the female is considered a good idea to prevent cancer of the womb later in life.It will also prevent phantom pregnancies, fur pulling for nesting and as a result reduce gastric fur balls and aggression towards humans and other rabbits. Neuter from 5 to 6 months of age.

Castration of males allows keeping in groups without explosive rises in population. It helps to prevent aggression and urine spraying.


Guinea Pig Neutering

Female neuter from 5 months of age. Prevents breeding and uterine cancer.

Male neuter from 5 months of age. Helps to prevent fighting. If there is already fighting in a colony neutering of all males and not just the dominant male should be undertaken but may not fully resolve the problem although it will help to ease it.



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All my pets go here 4 dogs and one cat. Best vets we have ever used and defiantly would not use anyone else. Did my buddies eyes and his hernia successfully. Would trust these guys 100%. Excellent customer service and dedication from the receptionists, vets and vet nurses. It's good to see a vets actually care about the animals and not just profit. 

Jenny Cornhill

Great veterinary practice! Reception are very welcoming and friendly. The vet that checked over my dog was very thorough and also friendly. I won’t take my dog anywhere else. I also had my bunny put the rest and they were so lovely, a few days later I received and sympathy card signed by the staff. Honestly can’t fault them.

Thank you, Angela Morely.

Angela Morely

To all the wonderful vets and staff,


Your love and care for my beautiful Nanuke and for crazy, paranoid owner is beyond first class, even in losing her, there are not enough words to express my thanks. I am sure you will see me in the future, just not yet.


With love, Angela & Nanuke Lee xx

Angela & Nanuke Lee
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