Diets and Prescription Diets

Vets and pet owners share a common interest to keep animlas in our care as healthy as possible. Nutrition is the foundation of health and so it is important that any diet fed to our pets is nutritionally balanced and complete. 
Diet is an important factor in helping your pet grow and stay healthy. The food in which you select should contain all nutrients they need for each stage of development, you will require to adapt the food and rations you provide as your pet grows. 

We strongly recommend complete diets for your pets as these have been formulated based on many years of research. The WSAVA stated that "there is no evidence that raw meat-based diets provide health benefits over commercial or balanced homemade cooked diets… There is growing evidence that feeding raw meat can be a health risk both for the animal and the owner.” And so this should be taken into consideration when selecting an appropriate diet for your pet. 

As your pet grows they will have different nutritional requirements and therefore selecting a diet best for your pets developmental stage will be highly beneficial. Feeding a juvenile food to an elderly pet may lead to obesity which in turn can cause further complications. 

Prescriptions diets are available for conditions such as:
Kidney Disease
Liver Disease
Urinary issues i.e. recurring cystitis
Gastric disease 
Dental disease 
Metabolic or weight loss 

In a study carried out by the Royal Veterinary College in 2021 it was revealed that 1 in 14 pets are classed as overweight. Obestity increases your pets risk of many systemic diseases such as; Heart problems, Diabetes and joint disease to name a few. Therefore it is important to give the correct portion sizes and provide adequate exercise for your pets. 

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All my pets go here 4 dogs and one cat. Best vets we have ever used and defiantly would not use anyone else. Did my buddies eyes and his hernia successfully. Would trust these guys 100%. Excellent customer service and dedication from the receptionists, vets and vet nurses. It's good to see a vets actually care about the animals and not just profit. 

Jenny Cornhill

Great veterinary practice! Reception are very welcoming and friendly. The vet that checked over my dog was very thorough and also friendly. I won’t take my dog anywhere else. I also had my bunny put the rest and they were so lovely, a few days later I received and sympathy card signed by the staff. Honestly can’t fault them.

Thank you, Angela Morely.

Angela Morely

To all the wonderful vets and staff,


Your love and care for my beautiful Nanuke and for crazy, paranoid owner is beyond first class, even in losing her, there are not enough words to express my thanks. I am sure you will see me in the future, just not yet.


With love, Angela & Nanuke Lee xx

Angela & Nanuke Lee
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