Frontline Combo

Frontline was amongst the first of the spot on anti-flea products. It has been around for a long time and is still the best seller. Itʼs introduction marked the beginning of the era when we could actually do something about flea infestations. Prior to Frontline we had all sorts of poisonous preparations but nothing as efficient or safe as Frontline.

It contains Fipronil - an insecticide & acaricide - and S Methoprene - an insect growth regulator. Thus adult fleas (& ticks & lice) are killed and any eggs they lay before dying are inhibited from developing into the next generation of parasites.

Frontline sits on the surface of the skin and hair and parasites absorb it as they move through the coat. It might take 24 hours to kill a flea but it will kill it and carry on killing fleas for at least the length of time the manufacturers claim. If you keep seeing fleas on your pet it is not because Frontline isnʼt working. It is because your pet keeps picking up new ones. Say to your self the more the merrier. On the pet they are certain to die. Look upon your pet as a vehicle to clear the area of fleas. We can also supply very effective sprays for households which will undoubtedly speed up the progress to a flea free house.

Put it on the back of the neck in the shoulder blade area. (See video) do not let your pet or other pets lick it off. It tastes unpleasant and will make the licker salivate -almost like having a fit. It is not a toxic product but having said that do not overdose.

Do not use on puppies or kittens less than 8 weeks of age or less than 2kg in weight in the case of puppies and 1kg in weight for kittens. If pets of this young age and small size need Frontline use the spray which is safe from 2 days of age!

We find any ill effects to be very rare. If you have applied it and suspect trouble phone us please.

Allow the area of application to dry before you touch your pet.

Do not use on rabbits - it is toxic. For rabbits contact us and get a product called Advantage.