An antiparasitic spot-on containing Imidacloprid and Moxidectin - A macrocyclic lactone.

More than other types of spot on the application must be onto the skin where the pet cannot get to lick it because orally it can be quite toxic especially to Collies and Old English Sheep dogs and their crosses. A blood test can be performed to identify individual animals susceptible to these Macrocyclic Lactones but without such precautions we feel avoidance of exposure of Collies, Old English Sheep dogs and their crosses is the safe alternative.

It has a distinct advantage over other spot ons in that it kills heart- and lungworms in dogs and cats. Heartworm is not so much of a worry to UK based pets because it does not occur here but lungworm, although unusual is definitely becoming more common in dogs and we see a lot more use for Advocate in the future.

They make a version for Ferrets.

It is also useful to kill biting lice, ear mites, sarcoptic and demodectic mange and finally roundworms.