Pre-op advice


As a general rule do not feed your cat or dog from 7 the evening before the scheduled surgery. Your pet should be allowed access to water right up to surgery time.

Rabbits and other small herbivores should NOT be starved prior to surgery.


Your pet will always be checked in by a veterinarian on the morning of the scheduled surgery. Please discuss any concerns you have with the vet at this time. We feel this check up is vital so please bear with us and allow a little time in your schedule for it to happen.

Pre-operation Blood Testing

We offer pre-op blood testing and are very keen to do it. Obviously being aware of any trouble prior to an anaesthetic could be life-saving but in more mundane terms the earlier we discover any abnormalities the more we will be able to help in the long term. A pre-op blood test adds to your costs but could be invaluable. This is especially true in older animals but we have on occasions picked up illness even in youngsters at neutering age and it is gratifying to be able to help from such an early age.