Thanks for all your kindness and looking after Archie towards the end of his life, it was much appreciated your kind words in the card too, he was our much loved pet and we miss him very much.

Yours Sincerely The Whites

Thank you again for everything you have done for my wonderful Sophie and Bailey.

From Mrs Wood

To Alan and all the staff

Many thanks for everything through out the year


Elizabeth Harradyne and Setters

Dear all at Margetts

Thank you for all you did for my budgie Alfie.

The budgie you asked me to rehome is doing well and is very active and has settled in well his name is bobby.

Yours Sincerely

Marjorie Hunter

Just a little note to say a big “thank you “ for your kindness and understanding when I had our pet cat Fixie put to sleep last week. It was an upsetting time but you made it easier. Thank you also to all the vets who have treated Fixie over the years who have always been very helpful and understanding.

Thank you again

Jane Meddler

I don’t know what to write, it was so thoughtful and kind to receive your messages from you all. I will never forget your kindness to Daisy over the years, and your future kindness and care to all your patients and there carers.

Yours very sincerely

Betty Fenton

To you all at Margetts

Thank you so much for the card and kind words, Charlie was a very special little fellow and dearly loved, there will always be a place in my heart for Charlie. He made my world a better place, and will be terribly missed. I will love him FOREVER and FOREVER

Never ends.

Mrs Oletmea Heard

Thank you all so much for the care and compassion shown during poor George’s illness. We think you are all lovely caring people who work very well as a team.

Thank you, with love from all the Knight family


Dear Alan

Just a very small token of our appreciation for all that you did for the baby hedge hogs. Thank you also for taking the time and trouble to access the remedy for the treatment of the parasites. Hopefully they will now go on to have a happy and care free life in our garden.

Many thanks again

Veronica and Julian Mugeridge

To Alan and Colleagues

Many Thanks for the care and attention you have given Charlie Barnard over the years.

From Margaret Barnard

Allan and all the girls

Thank you very much for looking after Albert and Barney

All the guys are great so keep up the good work

Love Sarah


Dear Alan

Just a note to say a huge thank you for taking care of Olli and for sparing me a long and agonising wait, it was very much appreciated.

With love and best wishes

From James, Cherie, Sam, Sophie and Ollie

And the rest of the Bennet Zoo


To you all

Thank you for giving me TLC, recovering well

Lots of love


To All at Margetts

Just a little something to say thank you for making me better.

I must say a special thank you to Fraser for taking such good care of me.

I will never forget you Fraser nor your THERMOMETER

With Love from

Molly Dewhurst

Dear Alan, Julie and all the staff

Just to say thank you for all the care you have given to Georgia and Charlie. Throughout there lives.

Thank you so much

Love from Paul

To the vets and all the staff

Thank you for your kind wishes and supports in the recent losses of our dog Bruno and our cat Felix


Andy and Gloria Cunningham

Dear Selina

I wonted you to have these photos to let you know that Revel and me are so very fortunate to have had you as our vet. He looks absolutely gorgeous in these pictures and I have these and lots of great memories. Once again, I thank you dearly for all the kindness and professionalism that you showed.

Yours truly

Revs owner - Natalie

Thank you, Thank you

Dear Alan, Hayley and every one  for the care and help with our dearest Emmy, I cant put into words how much we both miss her, but with out the help and care of all of you , we would not have had her with us for 15 wonderful years . Copenhagen Road is not just a vets it is a WONDERFULLY RUN AND CARING COMMUNITY.

Love to you all

Thanks Again, God Bless

Love Emmy, Chelsea, Margaret and Steve Holpin

To all the Team

A” huge thank you”

To you all for the care and support you have given us and Gemma.

It is very much appreciated

From, Kerry, Dave, Kelcie and Big “Woofs” From Gemma


To Colin and everyone at the surgery.

Thank you ever so much for all you’ve done to make Oscar better. It means the world to us.

Thanks Again


Emma and Mark Perry


To Selina and Staff

Many Thanks for Looking after me and my sister

Love Tia and Willow

To Selinas Nurse Julia

Just a note to say thank you for all your help and kindness when we all had to say goodbye to Mr Mudge.

With love from

James, Cherie, Sam, Sophie

To Colin Kerry and all Staff

Thanks for all the kindness shown to me and looking after me.

Love Susie Lackford

Thanks for all the care you all gave Rocky over the past thirteen years and actually getting him this far.

Love Kym, Paul, and the Rocky fan club.


To Alan and all the staff

Thank you so much for looking after our dear Bron over the last 19 years. Special thanks to Colin and his nurse who were so gentle with Bron and kind to us.

Grateful thanks

Brenda and Steve

Dear Alan

Thank you so much for your dedication and care towards William and Harry we are very


Rebecca and Betty Shaw

To Alan

Thank you to you and your colleagues for saving Kalli following her anaphylactic reaction, we love her so much and are so grateful to still have her with us.

Paul and Tracy

Dear Alan and all your staff

Thank you very much for looking after Josh and making him better.

From Angela and Adrian Giles


To Alan and Staff

I would like to thank you for the care you showed Scrumpy Jack over the last Couple of years. My special thanks to Alan for the treatment he gave and making Scrumpys end as peaceful as possible. Also a special thank you to Hayley for her kindness and sympathy she showed. If Scrumpy could I know he would thank you both and I thank you again.

Love from Vicky (Miss Lacey)

To Alan and Staff for all your help and understanding in the past 10 and half years for PG

Doris and Harold (Brewington)

Dear Alan and Aaron

Thank you very much for your treatment of Wizzy , you gave me an extra 2 and half months of his wonderful company , and please thank all your nurses and receptionists for taking such good care of him, they are a credit to you and your practice.

Thank you all so very much

Yours Sincerely

Pauline Williamson

Many Thanks to you Alan for looking after me

Billy Bearmore

Hug XX Hug

Thank you so much for all you did for Diesel, and giving him every chance, and to everyone there for the card and kind words, they were a real comfort to me and have helped me to feel a whole lot better.

Best wishes to you all

Sam X

Just a note to thank you for all your help and kindness over the last 15 years, especially in the last few weeks.

Joyce Stewart

Dear all at Margetts

Thank you for all your help over the last 8 years with Molly. We have settled into our new home in the Highlands and Molly has found a new lease of life.

Thank you

Louise Farley XX

Dear Alan and Receptionists

Thank you for your kind thoughts and messages regarding the loss of Bernie. We thank you all for the care and help that was always available. We miss him very much and will be very hard to replace, so thank you very much for every thing and may we wish you continual success for the future.

Kind regards

Pat and Ernie Newton

To Alan and Staff

Thanks for all the support over “Billy Boy “over the years

Thanks again


To Alan and your staff

Thank you for being so kind to my Sandy, I do miss him so

Mrs Riley

Dear Alan

Many Thanks to you and all your staff for the care and treatment you gave Bramble during her period of illness. Special thanks to Aaron for striving to give her just a little more time with us towards the end.

Bramble was owned by a homeless person who lived on the banks of the river at Tovil, Maidstone where Bramble was born.

She was given to me at six weeks old and has been a fantastic dog, and my beloved, adorable best friend.

Kind regards

Joan Regan

To Alan and staff

In Memory of Dexter, thank you for all your kindness through out his treatment.


Sue Fawke and Family

Alan and All Staff

Thank you for all you did to try and save our Holly, she was our life and we miss her more than words can say, she was such a friendly dog and loved every one , she was our Babe for only 5 years but we will never ,ever forget her. Once again thank you all for your care.

From Betty and Jill Auger


To everyone who helped and gave me all the support I needed at the time of my lovely cat Tigers death.

Thank you, Tiger will always be in my heart

With Love

Kelly and Family


To all Veterinary and Staff

Thank you all for helping Lucky get better

From Mrs J. A. Wrangles and Mr A. V. Wrangles

To Alan and all staff

Thank you for your kindness and all that you have done for Disney, Most of all, thanks for being there.

With kind regards


John, Caroline and family (Barret)

To Alan and all the staff

Thank you so much for delivering my two babies, and for making my Mum and Dad very happy.

From Bramble Patterson


Dear Alan and Staff

After the loss of our beloved “Boysie”

We just wonted to say thank you for the care and attention you gave to him and his late sisters, Lucy, Sasha, and Krystle. Our life will never be the same now our Boy has gone.

So thank you very much

Kindest Regards

Sandy and Tony


Dear Alan and Julie

Thank you for your Kindness and care over Gussie, we miss him very, very much. Thank you also to every one at the surgery for the lovely caring card.

Best wishes

Jan and Colin Bunting

To Alan and Staff

Thank you for looking after Molly while she was in your care. We all miss her.

Thank you for your card it was a very nice thought.

Julia, Ken Williamson and Family


Just a quick note to say thank you for the care and attention you gave to Tigger, it was much appreciated and very thoughtful

Many thanks

Mr Mrs Gotts


Thank you so much for looking after me

! Love Oscar!

Paws for thought



To all at the surgery

Thank you

Toffe was more than a pet, he was part of the family and we miss him

Mr Mrs Birchall

To Alan

Thanks you were so very kind, just wonted to let you know how very much your kindness meant.


Kay and Mick Humphrey

To Alan

Thanks for all you have done for me over the years, I am most grateful

Best Wishes

From Mrs V Gorman

To Aaron

Thank you for looking after me, I am feeling much better now

Love Charlie Fisk

To Fraser and team

Thank you all that you did for Barnie

Best Wishes

Samantha, Paula, and the rest of the Jones family

To Alan and all the staff

Thank you for looking after Ceaser all of his 14 years.


Ron Baker and all the family

Alan and Staff

Many Thanks for all you have done for Tarty

From Mrs J Clacket

Dear Julia

I came to you big and fat

Yes I was rather chunky

After 20 weeks of diet and chat

I leave here fit and hunky!!

Love Charlie Beadle


To Alan and Staff

I would just like to say thank you so much for every thing you all did for Tia. You all looked after her with love and I know Alan that you did your very best to help her. It was unfortunate that in the end there was nothing more we could do but she went being loved by us all and I can’t thank you all enough.

She will be resting in peace now

Thank you so much

With Love

Lisa Burrell and family


To Nadine and all at Margetts and Assoc

Thank you all so much for all you did to try to help “Toffee” and for making her last couple of months as pain free and happy as possible.

This allowed her to enjoy her life right up to the final second and she was allowed to go so peacefully and with dignity.

Thank you so much to every one especially Nadine for all you did

Best Wishes Terry and Sharon

A Note to thank you for all your efforts in trying to save my little cat, and the staff for there kindness when she was put to sleep

With gratitude, God bless

Anne Sutton

Dear Staff

Thank you all very much for looking and caring after our beloved dog Rhum.

We really miss him but will have our memories.

Than you Hayley for being with him on that difficult day.

Annette and Steve Moorey XXX

Dear Alan

Please excuse me for my abrupt departure and not thanking you properly Tuesday.

I would like to thank you and your superb staff for the care of our dog SKIP over the years.

P. J. Hills

I would like to thank Allan and all his staff for the kind care and consideration in looking after my Molley during and on the last few days of her little life.

Thank you so much

Sincerely Gail Hogg

To Alan, Selina and staff

Please let me thank you for all the care and dedication to Sophie’s illness. You done

The best for her as she did for me through out her life with me, my lovely Sophie

Thank you Mrs Wood

To the Vet and Staff

Thank you for all your help with Boycie over the years

From Mrs S Maynard

To every one that helped

Thank you so much for all that you did.

From Adam and Sarah Bacon

Dear Alan

Just to say thank you very much for all the care you gave Rocco over the past 17 years.

He was a beautiful cat, full of personality, very demanding at times, but he gave us great joy. We will always be grateful for your support and may you continue for many years with your invaluable work.

God Bless

With Love Emma and Andy Murphy

To Alan and Staff

Many Thanks for all the hard work and caring of Winston, also the kindness you gave to me, it has been greatly appreciated by me and family.

Winston was a funny, friendly cat more like a little dog, I am still having friends ringing me as Winston was so popular also very interested over his symptom and getting on the Inter Net for information and digging up their Lillium flowers and Chives.

Special thanks to Selena working beside Alan trying to find out what was wrong with Winston and not forgetting Kerry in the back allowing me to cuddle Winston whilst on the drip then having to sort it out when I had left.

You may see me back with a cat, not sure yet

From Brenda

Dear Alan

Thank you for trying to help Candy and though it was not meant to be, I will always appreciate your caring ways with all my Cats. May be one day given time to get over Brandy I might be back with another cat, we will see how things go.

Best Wishes

Mavis Harvey

Dear Nadine

So thank you for every thing you have done and for giving a little of your selves

Many thank s for all your help, time and care, every thing you done for Dizzy.

It has been much appreciated

Love Kate Ryan

To Alan and Staff

Thank you so much for the card and all the nice messages, when I lost my good pal Jay.

As you can imagine I miss him a lot, it has always been a pleasure to bring Jay to the Vet

Every one is so pleasant and friendly.

I do wish you all the best for the future.

Many thanks for every thing

Dot Whiting

To you all, thank you very much for your help and your sympathy to us with Misty, it was much appreciated

From Kath and Geoff Allen

To all staff at Margetts, the both of us would like to thank you all for all your efforts with little Jenson. Although the out come was not what we had hoped for we know he had the best chance. It is a comfort to the both of us that Jenson was well cared for and loved and that he passed away with some one by his side. All the staff have been a great support and we have been moved by your generosity. We didn’t know little Jenson very long but he has touched all our hearts.

So on behalf of Neil, Gemma, and little Jenson

A big thank you

To Alan and Staff

Thank you for your care and kindness you showed Heidi over the past few months

Love from

Viv, Chris, Daniel, Robert and Martin


To Alan and all the staff at Margetts Surgery

Thank you so much for all the care and compassion to us on a dearly loved and missed Charlie.

Best wishes

Mr Mrs Rogers

To Alan, Fraser and Staff

Big thanks for all your help with making Harley Better. It has been a long road but I think were finally there.

Take Care

Love Becci and Harley Evans


To Allan and Staff

Thank you for the card and the kind messages; it was a comfort to me.

You and your staff have always been very kind and helpful. I would like to say a big thank you to John whose understanding and compassion was a great help.

Moses was my loving and loyal little companion for 12 years and is greatly missed.

Thank you once again

Helen Knight

Dear Alan

We felt the need to drop you a line and extend our heart felt thanks to you , for all of your patience and understanding when dealing with Luca over the past 7 years and obviously Lance the years before that. Without the dedication, patience and understanding of both his temperament and condition, we are sure that his quality of life would not have been, as good as it was and we would have lost him a long time ago. Instead we have had many happy years with him. Even though he was difficult and tetchy when he came into you, I think that both you and him came to an understanding, when he was at home he was a manic, nutcase, dominant and extremely loving animal that will leave a vast hole in our lives.

We would also like to extend a special thank you to Hayley for her understanding and help on Thursday with what was an extremely difficult and hard time for both of us.

Once again we would like to say thank you, not only from us but also from our dear Luca for all your help and dedication over the past 11 years

Yours Sincerely

Deborah and Neil Ashford-Smith

Dear Alan

My Sincere thanks to your excellent staff for their kindness and consideration to me when I had Tara my beloved little black mother cat, put to sleep this morning thus bringing an end to her torment, I was absolutely devastated to have to say goodbye to her but will always be extremely grateful for the sensitivity and kindness shown to me.


Josie Powell

Dear All

A big thank you for taking great care of our Cavalier Lily Hullet during and after operation. It really was much appreciated, we were recommended by Janine Jarvis

Whose Golden Retriever Loui comes to you.

Thank you again

Joanne and Paul Hullet

To all the staff

We just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for all the help, advice and kindness you have shown Dibley and us over the 12 years of Dibleys life- from when we got him as a nine and half week old puppy to when we sadly lost him at 12 years.

A special thank you to you Julie, for all your help with Dibley at the end when I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life.

Thank you all once again


Amanda and Gary Godfrey

Dear Aaron

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my cat Beau.

He is a picture, although I can’t repay you I hope you like this gift.

From Ellen and Beau

And Kevin and Jenny and Daniel.

Dear Nurses who looked after Beau

Thank you for taking care and looking after Beau for me and my family.

From Ellen and Beau and Kevin and Jenny and Daniel.

To Aaron and Staff

With many thanks for the kind and sensitive care which you offered to buster during

his last moments.

It made the parting less painful to know he was in such a caring atmosphere.

Thank you so much


I would like to say a few words to all the staff at Margetts, thank you for all your help in trying to make Tilly better.

Especially Alan who tried very hard to make her better, but it wasn’t to be.

We have lost our special little spaniel and our hearts are broken.

Once again thank you Alan and the veterinary nurse (sorry didn’t no name) who made it easier for us and Tilly at the end.

Yours Sincerely

Louise and Spencer Colyer

Just a little thank you for trying so hard for Big Tom.

He had a good life with me, extra time if I hadn’t taken him in.

Such a lovely kindly cat

Thank you again

Debbie Nuttall