Rabbit Spay

Following your rabbitʼs operation please read the following- it may answer some questions you have.

  • There will be a shaved area on the operation site. There may be slight bruising in the area but this will soon fade. The hair should grow back after a few weeks.
  • Your rabbit may appear drowsy straight after the operation this will probably be due to the effects of the anaesthetic and will soon wear off. Also please note that your rabbit will have been given painkillers to help with the pain post-op and this too may contribute to her drowsiness.
  • Your rabbit MUST eat and drink after the operation please make sure you provide her with plenty of food hay, greens and any other rabbit food she normally eats.


  • If your rabbit is not eating as per normal and not passing droppings please contact us.
  • DO NOT allow your rabbit to lick the wound. If you are unable to stop this from happening then please contact us.
  • There may be swelling after the operation this is normal. However, if there is excessive swelling or bleeding from the area then please contact us asap.


If there are stitches after the operation then these will need to be removed after the wound has healed sufficiently. We normally call rabbits back 14 days after their operation to check the wound and remove any sutures.