Cat Castrate

The operation is the removal of the male genital organs the testicles.

Please read these notes- they may answer some question you have.

  • Your cat may appear drowsy straight after the operation this is most likely due to the anaesthetic and will soon wear off. Also please note that your cat will have been given painkillers to help with the pain post-op and this too may contribute to the drowsiness.
  • Sometimes your cat may not feel like eating straight after the operation. This is ok but please make sure that he eats the next day.
  • Please keep your cat indoors for at least 2 days after the surgery.


  • If your cat is repeatedly sick or excessively tired or lethargic after the operation please contact us.
  • DO NOT allow your cat to lick the operation area. If you are unable to stop this from happening then please contact us.
  • There may be swelling after the operation this is normal. However, if there is excessive swelling or bleeding from the area or anything worries you please contact us as soon as possible.


There will normally be no stitches in a routine cat castration.

If there are stitches after the operation then these will need to be removed once the wound has healed sufficiently. We would normally ask you to return to the surgery for suture removal 14 days post operation.