Diets and Prescription Diets

As a general rule we believe in and recommend balanced well formulated proprietary foods (big name commercially formulated diets available at most pet food outlets). These are very well researched and beautifully produced incorporating all modern ideas on the healthiest way to feed.

Certainly in our experience the advent of the modern proprietary diet has gone hand in hand with the increasing life-expectancy of our pets.

We all of us veterinarians, nurses and receptionists feed proprietary diets.

We should perhaps discuss the use of prescription diets we as a group carry quite a few prescription diets in stock. These are of considerable use in the routine management of several diseases and in some cases for example blocked bladders and kidney disease in cats and dogs can be life saving. If we suggest a diet to you it will be in your petʼs best interests.

Another thing we should mention is that if you get diets from us the diets will automatically be accompanied with our advice on feeding and best practice. This will not necessarily be so from other sources.

Nowadays we find the biggest problem with feeding is the gaining of weight we often cause. We have all sorts of diets available to help in weight loss programs and we run free clinics to help your pet lose weight and then remain at the correct weight thereafter.



We carry a full range of prescription diets specially formulated for the best control of various medical conditions. We will discuss this fully with you as and when your pet needs dietary help in these types of diseases such as;

Bladder stones
Dental disease
Dietary intolerance
Digestive disease
Fibre responsive disease
Heart disease
Intestinal disease
Kidney disease
Liver disease