The word Euthanasia takes its roots from the Greek Eu – good and Thanatos – death. It is the practice of ending life in the kindest most painless manner possible. We often refer to it as “put to sleep”. You will know when the time is right and we will do our utmost to help you at this terrible time. You cannot leave it to the veterinarian to decide as you have the final say but discuss it please with us.

When you do decide, phone us and make an appointment outside of normal surgery hours thus allowing yourself more time and privacy.

You will be required to sign a form giving consent for euthanasia- this is not a rule devised by us, rather our governing body.

The deed itself involves an intravenous injection of very strong anaesthetic to overdose. If the act of injection will cause the pet distress we will pre-med with a strong sedative. We do our utmost to make the whole experience as pleasant as possible.

After death you may wish to take your pet home for burial but most people get us to cremate. We will always handle your departed pets with the utmost dignity.

You may wish to have your pet individually cremated with or without the ashes returned to you. Ashes can come back to you in a number of containers – please ask to see what is available.

It is not possible to have ashes back unless you have requested an individual cremation at the time. Individual cremation is of necessity much more expensive than routine cremation.

We have used a firm called Cambridge Pet Crematorium for over 30 years and have found them to be faultless in their handling of this delicate job. You can find out more about CPC at their website