An Overview of Parasites



Fleas are common. The commonest of them is the cat flea. They are easy to kill but because they occur so commonly they cannot be eradicated. They will bite people if they have to but do prefer animals!

Fleas lay their eggs on the host dog or cat but these eggs roll off the host into the environment and therefore any areas the pets go to can become a haven for fleas. The vast majority of a fleaʼs life cycle is spent off the host animal so environmental treatment is usually required as well as on-the-pet treatment.

There are a number of products used to control fleas. We have a selection of the very best available for you. Houses infested with fleas need treating too and we have reliable and effective treatments for households.


Ticks and lice are less common but highly offensive to ourselves and our pets. The flea control products we supply will kill these as well.


Mange; otherwise known as “fox mange” or more correctly Sarcoptic Mange – this is becoming more common as the urbanisation of foxes becomes more established. Dogs are affected, not cats. Intense irritation is caused. The commoner flea preparations do not kill mange but if we or indeed you suspect mange we have the very best products available for your pets.
Sarcoptic Mange can be transmitted to humans it is a zoonosis.


Ear mites cause ear irritation and excess wax. Probably more common in cats than dogs, but will affect both. We will check for these at vaccine time and supply treatment if necessary.


Lung worm is becoming more common. The lung worm has a complex life cycle involving slugs and snails and dogs are becoming infected in this area. Diagnosis requires faecal sampling, but we have available the accepted treatment for lung worm and will supply you with Advocate and or Milbemax if necessary.


Roundworms are common in young dogs and cats, increasingly less common as our pets get older. It is vital to treat puppies and kittens frequently when they are young. We will advise and supply all you need as we vaccinate your youngsters.
Toxocara Canis is the most common roundworm of dogs (especially puppies) and is a Zoonosis (a disease communicable to humans). Worming is a must, plus hand hygiene when handling young cats and dogs.


Tapeworms the more common worm of adult cats and dogs. Unpleasant nasty things with one or two having Zoonotic implications and they should be killed by regular and frequent worming. We currently recommend 3 monthly worming.


Toxoplasmosis – is a protozoal infection of cats. It has zoonotic implications and this is the reason why pregnant women should not handle cat litter trays or faeces and if they have to should wear gloves and exercise stringent hand hygiene.
Please phone us for any further information – we will be delighted to advise you and offer the very best treatment for all of your pets parasite problems.