Ear Infections

We very commonly see ear infections in our pets. Otitis Externa to give it itʼs correct name is probably more common in dogs than cats. The initiating cause of trouble can be very variable. Infections involving bacteria, fungi or yeasts are common and there maybe mixtures of these agents present. Ear mites are reasonably common especially in puppies and kittens. Foreign bodies for example grass seeds will cause acute otitis. Finally sensitivity to environmental allergens will frequently show itself as ear trouble.

Regardless of the cause there maybe pain, irritation, swelling, redness and discharge from one or both ears.

Treatment will usually involve drops of some sort - We have a video link with the best advice on how to dress ears. However ear trouble may involve a lot of investigation and treatment other than drops sometimes involving hyposensitisation, steroids, antibiotics or even surgery.

Ears are valuable and delicate organs - if worried let us examine please.