Dental Disease

Dental disease is another thing that we seem to see more of nowadays.

You will know with human teeth that plaque will build up even though we brush our teeth often. Brushing is recommended for our pet dogs and cats and is possible especially if you start early on in their lives. There are special toothpastes whose action is more enzymatic than the foaming cleansers we use. We carry a range of tooth-pastes and brushes and will discuss fully with you the pros and cons.

Despite all your best efforts tartar will build and will eventually need veterinary attention. We have all the instruments and equipment necessary for the dental care of your pets. We will check teeth with nearly every examination, and certainly once a year at vaccine time. If you suspect problems talk to us please. Nurses will be happy to help and advise.

Again despite all your brushing and our descaling and polishing more serious dental disease may occur. We will advise on all aspects and treat where necessary.

A very interesting and increasing disease in cats is referred to as FORLs Feline Oral Resorptive Lesions. In this disease, for reasons not yet understood, the enamel of the teeth is lost and dentine is exposed. This is often painful. If you have any worries please come in and we will examine and advise and treat as necessary.

Rabbits suffer quite commonly with over-grown teeth both at the front (incisor) and at the back (molar). This will usually cause inappetence and often excessive salivation. If worried let us check please.